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We recommend that you review all of the instructions before starting Step 1. 
If you know what is involved with each individual step, it will help you complete the 
process both quickly & easily and with the least amount of del
ACTIVE LICENSURE AS A SALESPERSON:Texas Real Estate Commission rules require a broker to have 4 years of active licensure in the 5 year period prior to license application. If you are an out-of-state salesperson or broker, refer to detailed rules on TREC’s website.
EDUCATION:Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) rules require a prospective real estate broker to complete 900 hours of education before applying for a license. TREC no longer provides an evaluation of education prior to your license application. In order to determine if your existing education is sufficient, you are required to apply for your license and pay the license application fee. Since you have12 months from the date of your application to satisfy any education deficiencies, contact our Broker License Education Specialist for assistance
CORE REAL ESTATE CREDITS (270 hours) A LICENSE APPLICANT is required to have 270 classroom hours of core real estate education, including 30 hours in Real Estate Brokerage, TREC #0711. The core courses you completed for your salesperson’s license and salesperson’s continuing education (SAE) is applied towards this requirement. Most individuals who obtained their sales license prior 2001 have 210 classroom hours of core credits.
    • CORE, RELATED AND MCE CREDITS (630 hours) Most college courses are accredited for broker licensure, regardless of how long ago the courses were taken. An Associate’s Degree (or higher level) will satisfy the education requirement, Acceptable college credits for a broker’s license are quite different from acceptable college credits for a salesperson’s license. Contact our Broker License Education Specialist for assistance with estimating your applicable college credits
      COPIES of college transcripts, from each college you have attended, and real estate course completion certificates are submitted AFTER you apply for your license. Here is a link to the page on TREC’s website for a complete LIST OF TREC APPROVED COLLEGE CREDITS


1. Take the required courses online thru PDQ Courses and Texas Real Estate Texas Real Estate Commission rules require a real estate broker to complete a total of 900 classroom hours of education before application for a license. Within the 900 hours, a minimum number of credits must be in 270 hours of CORE real estate subjects (including 30 hours of Real Estate Brokerage). The remaining 630 hours may be in CORE of RELATED real estate subjects. We offer very competitive pricing on our courses. The price range is $100 to $120 per 30 hour course, with a 6 course minimum purchase. Call Leslie Purvis or Terry Dunlap at 817-738-4669 for details. 
IF YOUR EDUCATION IS COMPLETE, you may apply for your Real Estate Broker’s License and pay your application fees. You will have ONE YEAR from your license application date, to complete pass both sections of the licensing exam and satisfy any application deficiencies. After TREC approves your license application you will be issued an ID number so that you can schedule your licensing exam with PSI Exam Services. 
IF YOUR EDUCATION IS NOT COMPLETE, you may apply for your Real Estate Broker’s License but please be aware that you have ONE YEAR from your license application date to complete ALL of your education and pass both sections of the licensing exam. 
We offer classroom and internet courses to help you satisfy the Broker’s License education requirement. An applicant who has 60 semester hours of college credit (an Associate’s Degree or higher) will receive a maximum of 630 hours of related course credits.  Here is a link to the page on TREC’s web site for a complete LIST OF APPROVED COLLEGE CREDITS Contact  Leslie Purvis for a preliminary analysis of your education
2.​EMAIL OR FAX YOUR EDUCATION TO TREC: Submit a letter to TREC for a request of re-evaluation of your college credits. The email address is Be sure to include your Real Estate Salesperson’s License Number in your email letter. Since there is not a form for submitting college transcripts to TREC, include a cover letter with your transcript. The most efficient, time saving system is to email the documents. The information can be submitted to TREC via fax at 512-936-3863.
3. If you do not have a user account with MYLICENSE online services at TREC, you must register for access: Here is the link (Scroll down to the lower left corner of the screen and select the text “You must first REGISTER HERE to get a User ID in this new system”) TREC will email you a temporary password so that you can create a user account. If you do not receive your temporary password, check your SPAM or JUNK email folder. Please note that if you share an email address with a friend or family member who is registered in TREC’s system, you will have to create your own unique email account. The system will not allow you to share an email address with another license applicant or licensee. 
4.​CREATE YOUR APPLICANT LOGIN ACCOUNT: Here is the link to login on MYLICENSE online services with TREC. Your User ID is your email address. TREC will email your temporary password.
Note: You will need to be able to print or save your License Application Summary and Payment Confirmation.  Do NOT start Step #4 unless you have access to a printer and can print your Application Summary and Payment Confirmation OR unless you are able to save your Application Summary and Payment Confirmation as a PDF file on your computer.
5. APPLY FOR YOUR LICENSE: If you prefer to submit an application by mail, use the link to complete the PDF form and print  a paper application: To apply online, enter your user account info in the “Licensee or Applicant Login” area on MYLICENSE online services area of TREC’s website. From the “Functions” Menu, you will select “Apply for a New License” and then “Application for an Individual Broker License.” The fee is $375.50 and includes the fee $31.50 for a Background Check). Additional fees are $20 for submitting an application on paper and by mail and $10 Recovery Fund Fee (unless previously paid because you have a Texas Real Estate Salesperson’s License). Processing time is approximately 3-4 weeks. You should include copies of your college transcripts (even if previously submitted) and all real estate course completion certificates (since your SAE continuing education was completed) along with your license application summary and payment confirmation. You may be duplicating previously submitted paperwork, but it will streamline the process and expedite processing of your application. 
The experience requirement is for real estate transactions in 4 years of the preceding 5 years. Complete Supplement A, Qualifying Experience Report for a Broker License to verify the required experience. If you unable to obtain certification from your existing broker, additional documentation and forms must be submitted to TREC. Review the information at the following page on TREC’s website.
6. BACKGROUND HISTORY: If you answer “YES” to questions  9, 10,  11, 12, 13 or 14 on the License Application, you must complete a Background History Form for TREC. Here is a link to the form. A separate Background History Form is required for each “YES” answer. For example, if you are licensed as a Broker in Colorado and you have an unpaid judgment filed against you in Texas, you would submit two Background History Forms. The application process may be delayed as a result of submitting a Background History Form.  
7. CONSIDER TAKING A CLASSROOM EXAM PREPARATION COURSE AT PURVIS REAL ESTATE TRAINING INSTITUTE in FORT WORTH. The instructor, Leslie Purvis, has 30 year’s experience teaching students how to pass the licensing exam the first time. There is no other instructor in Texas with her experience and knowledge of the TREC/PSI licensing exams. Leslie’s course will take the guesswork out of studying and preparing for the test. You will be provided with ALL of the materials you need to pass the exam. The Mega PREP course dates are September 25, October 18, November 15, December 5, 2012 and January 31, 2013. The prepaid price is $129. Visit or call 800-738-9555 to enroll. We recommend that you read the Exam Prep Study Guide prior to attending the Mega PREP course. In addition, we recommend that you schedule your licensing exam appointment within 7-10 days of attending the Mega Prep Course. You want to be sure that you only have to take the test one time, so preparation is essential! 
8. SCHEDULE YOUR LICENSING EXAM APPOINTMENT: Once you receive your license application approval notice and identification number from TREC, you can schedule your exam with PSI Examination Services. You will not be eligible to make an exam appointment until all of your education is completed and your active licensure time period has been satisfied. Appointments can be made by calling (800) 733-9267 or by visiting  The cost of the exam is $61 and is paid at the time you make your appointment.
The testing locations in North Texas are Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas and Richardson. The licensing exam is divided into two sections: National and State Specific portions. You will have 2.5 hours to complete the exam. You will know your test scores as soon as you finish taking the exam. The minimum passing score for the broker’s exam is 75%. After you pass your exam your new Broker’s License is mailed the mailing address that you provided as a part of your License Application. Be sure that you display your Broker’s License and the Consumer Information Form (CIF Form) in your place of business. 
9. LICENSE CERTIFICATION HISTORY: You must provide TREC with a license certification history from each state in which you are currently a real estate licensee or each state in which you have been licensed within the previous 6 years. A license history is NOT simply a copy of your real estate license. It contains information and details about the date your license was issued, the expiration date, the type of license and whether there have been any disciplinary issues with the regulatory agency. 
10. COMPLETE the “Consent to Service of Process” FORM: An out-of-state applicant must complete the Power of Attorney form and have the form notarized before submitting the form to TREC. Here is the link to the form
Here is a link to the form
11. OBTAIN A FAST PRINT PASS: Before you may make a fingerprint appointment, you must obtain a FAST Print Pass from TREC at
12. YOU MUST BE FINGERPRINTED BY L-1 ENROLLMENT SERVICES: L-1 Identity Solutions processes fingerprints for the FBI in assistance with the Texas Department of Public Safety. To have your fingerprints taken you must make an appointment with L-1 Enrollment Services at L-1 Identity Solutions has locations throughout Texas and at some PSI testing facilities. The fee for fingerprinting and a background check is $44.25.
13. If you are licensed in a state where PSI Exam Services administers the licensing exams you may be eligible for exemption from the National Portion of the Real Estate Exam.
You have 12 months from your license application date to satisfy experience requirement, pass the licensing exam and complete the background check/fingerprint process.
Has the active license period satisfied?
Did licensee attend more than one college? Transcripts for ALL colleges should be submitted. TREC will not authorize or give credit for transfer hours. TREC will authorize credit hours only from the college that is issuing a transcript. So if an applicant attended more than one college, they have to submit a transcript from each college that was attended.
Does licensee have a college associate’s degree or equivalent?
Core courses may be repeated for credit after 2 years. Course completion certificates for core courses must be submitted by the applicant (NOT THE EDUCATION PROVIDER). The education provider submits records for attendance of MCE courses but not CORE courses.The